DesalData Weekly - February 23, 2024

Posted 23 February, 2024 by Mandy


Águas do Algarve has launched a tender for a desalination plant in Albufeira. Credit: NATASHA DONN/OPEN MEDIA GROUP

PORTUGAL Águas do Algarve has launched a $97 million tender for a desalination plant in Albufeira, doubling the initial cost estimates. The plant aims to convert seawater into drinking and irrigation water at an initial rate of 43,835 m3/d, but will have a production capacity of 65,753 m3/d upon completion by the end of 2026. Despite public opposition, the government remains committed to the project, citing it as a solution to the region's water scarcity. (Portugal Resident)


SAUDI ARABIA The Saline Water Conversion Corporation...

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DesalData Weekly - January 26, 2024

Posted 26 January, 2024 by Mandy


Obsolete parts are being replaced at the Marbella plant. Credit: SUR

SPAIN The Marbella seawater desalination plant, initially plagued with construction issues and financial controversies, now serves as a critical water source for the western Costa del Sol, providing half of its water needs amid a severe drought situation. The plant's capacity is set to double in the spring to 32,877 m3/d and potentially triple to 54,794 m3/d by the end of the year, significantly alleviating water scarcity in the region. Plans for expansion involve upgrading filtration systems and potentially adding portable or fixed...

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DesalData Weekly - January 19, 2024

Posted 19 January, 2024 by Mandy


Dredgers dig new channels for seawater at the Zarat Desalination Plant in Gabes in southeastern Tunisia. Credit: Mourad Mjaied/AFP

TUNISIA Tunisia's Zarat desalination plant in Gabes governorate is set to be operational by the end of January 2024, according to Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources, and Fisheries Abdelmonem Belati. Desalination plants are planned for Sfax, Sousse, and Djerba to manage water consumption and ensure drinking water rights, especially for future generations. The minister emphasized the importance of optimizing treated wastewater as an additional resource for irrigation. A floating station in the Sidi Saad dam basin, part of the irrigated...

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DesalData Weekly - January 12, 2024

Posted 12 January, 2024 by Mandy


Veolia Water Technologies will construct a desalination plant in Cornwall, UK. Credit: Acceleratorhams/

U.K. Veolia Water Technologies has been chosen to construct and supply a desalination plant for Cornwall in the UK. South West Water, the water and wastewater service provider, selected Veolia for this project, which aims to address water scarcity issues exacerbated by recent droughts in the region. The proposed desalination plant could produce up to 20,000 m3/d of water per day, meeting approximately 40% of Cornwall's current water demand. Veolia will manufacture and deliver the desalination plant, which will extract seawater from St...

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DesalData Weekly - January 4, 2024

Posted 04 January, 2024 by Mandy


Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) has issued request for proposals (RFPs) for the Jubail 4 & 6 Independent Water Projects (IWP).  U.A.E. Credit: Trade Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) has issued request for proposals (RFPs) for the Jubail 4 & 6 Independent Water Projects (IWP) with a combined capacity of 600,000 m3/day. The projects will utilize reverse osmosis seawater desalination technology and are expected to be operational in Q3 2027. The scope includes finance, development, operation, and maintenance of the seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant, located south of Jubail Industrial City in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Nine leading utility...

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DesalData Weekly - December 28, 2023

Posted 28 December, 2023 by Mandy


Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), GS Inima, and Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) have announced the successful financial closing of the Shuweihat 4 Desalination Project. Credit: GS Inima

U.A.E. Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), GS Inima, and Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) have announced the successful financial closing of the $444 million Shuweihat 4 Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Project (S4 RO). The project, located within the Shuweihat Power and Water Complex, will supply up to 318,226 m3/d of potable water, enhancing water supply security in Abu Dhabi. The funding, primarily through debt financing (71%), involves local and international banks, including Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Commercial...

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DesalData Weekly - December 21, 2023

Posted 21 December, 2023 by Mandy


The Tseung Kwan O plant, is set to become operational and will supply drinking water to Sai Kung, as well as East Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Credit: The Information Services Department

CHINA The Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant in Hong Kong is set to become operational on December 22, providing up to five percent of the territory's overall fresh water demand. The first stage of this desalination facility utilizes advanced reverse osmosis technology, offering a stable water source that is resistant to climate change. When fully operational, the plant will have a capacity of 135,000 m3/d. The plant, in conjunction with the Pak Kong Water Treatment Works and the Tseung Kwan O Primary Fresh Water Service Reservoir, will...

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DesalData Weekly - December 14, 2023

Posted 14 December, 2023 by Mandy


South West Water’s location for a new desalination plant is in Par, Cornwall, U.K. Credit: BBC

U.K. South West Water (SWW) has selected Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions to deliver Cornwall's first seawater desalination plant. The project, part of a $159 million investment by SWW, includes plans for water treatment works at Restormel. The desalination process involves initial treatment at a plant based in Par, followed by a secondary treatment phase at Restormel, providing water to around 300,000 people in Cornwall. Some locals express concerns about the chosen location, citing potential impacts on wildlife, including the...

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DesalData Weekly - December 7, 2023

Posted 07 December, 2023 by Mandy


Work on the new desalination plant at Alkimos, Australia. Credit: Michael Wilson

AUSTRALIA The first stage of the Alkimos desalination plant in Western Australia is estimated to cost $2.8 billion, nearly double the $1.6 billion initially proposed in the Water Corporation's development application. Premier Roger Cook announced that the project will be fully funded from the expected 2023-24 surplus. The desalination plant's first stage, operational by 2028, aims to supply 136,986 m3/d. The total cost and completion date for the second stage, which doubles the plant's output to 273,973 m3/d, remain unconfirmed, but Water...

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DesalData Weekly - November 30, 2023

Posted 30 November, 2023 by Mandy


Inside a containerized desalination plant developed by SETA PHT. Credit: SUR

SPAIN The town of Estepona, Spain is planning an expedited construction of a seawater desalination plant to address water scarcity. The "express" installation is characterized by a shortened timeline, self-sufficiency in energy, and a containerized design. The plant, designed to produce 20,000 m3/d, could be expanded to 30,000 m3/d in the future. The chosen site is at the mouth of the Castor River, around 6.2 kilometers from Estepona, covering 53,442 square meters. The project is seen as a step toward self-sufficiency, freeing up resources...

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DesalData Weekly - November 23, 2023

Posted 23 November, 2023 by Mandy


Acciona’s headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Credit: Acciona

MOROCCO Acciona has secured a contract valued at $936 million to construct the largest desalination plant in Africa, located in Casablanca, Morocco. Collaborating with two Moroccan companies, Afriquia Gaz and Green of Africa, the consortium, part of the ACWA group, will also manage and maintain the plant upon completion. The plant is designed to produce up to 548,000    m3/d, serving water needs of nearly seven million people and facilitating irrigation for over 5,000 hectares of agricultural land. The Moroccan Ministry of...

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DesalData Weekly - November 16, 2023

Posted 16 November, 2023 by Mandy


The multi stage flash plant at the Nuclear Desalination Demonstration Plant (NDDP), Kalpakkam, coupled to the Madras Atomic Power Station. Credit: BARC website

INDIAThe Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) plans to address the impending expiration of the world's largest seawater hybrid desalination plant, attached to the Kalpakkam nuclear power station, within the next four to five years. BARC aims to add two new desalination plants in Kalpakkam to meet local demands and those of the nuclear plant.  

One plant will generate 9,092 m3/day through reverse osmosis at the Nuclear Desalination Demonstration Plant (NDDP), while the other will produce 9,092 m3/day through multi-effect distillation...

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DesalData Weekly - November 9, 2023

Posted 09 November, 2023 by Mandy


A solar photovoltaic facility powering a desalination plant. Credit: Utilities Middle East

OMANVeolia, in collaboration with partners, has launched a 17-megawatt peak (MWp) solar photovoltaic facility to power the Sharqiyah Desalination Plant in Sur, Oman, making it the largest solar system for a desalination plant in the country. The project, developed with TotalEnergies, generates over 32,000 megawatt-hours of clean electricity annually, meeting the desalination plant's energy needs during daylight hours. The facility, operational since April 16, 2023, reduces approximately 27,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The project...

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DesalData Weekly - November 2, 2023

Posted 02 November, 2023 by Mandy


Mykolaiv’s solar water desalination system. Credit: Boreal Light

UKRAINEGerman company Boreal Light has installed what it claims is Europe's largest solar water desalination system in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, with a capacity of 460 kWp. Initiated in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine, the system, with 560 W monocrystalline PV modules, can produce 3,000 m3/d of clean water. The source water has a salinity of up to 13,000 parts per million. Divided into five units for security reasons and higher project resilience, the system stores clean water instead of energy and utilizes a control mechanism...

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DesalData Weekly - October 26, 2023

Posted 26 October, 2023 by Mandy


Energy Recovery’s PX® pressure exchangers installed in a wastewater treatment plant. Credit: Energy Recovery

ALGERIA California-based company Energy Recovery is set to supply its PX pressure exchangers for seawater desalination plants in Algeria. The Algerian government aims to increase the share of desalinated water in its drinking water supply to 50% by 2030. Energy Recovery's PX pressure exchangers are expected to reduce the energy cost of desalination by up to 60%. The contract, valued at $28 million, requires the delivery of the pressure exchangers by the end of 2023, with installation planned for all of Algeria's seawater desalination...

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DesalData Weekly - October 18, 2023

Posted 18 October, 2023 by Mandy


Derna desalination plant relaunched one month after flooding, Libya. Credit: Enka

LIBYA The Derna seawater desalination plant in north-east Libya has resumed operations, providing a vital water supply for 320,000 people. The facility, damaged during storm Daniel in September 2023, was restored by the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) after a month of reconstruction work. The plant, with a daily capacity of 40,000 m3, helps mitigate the risks of waterborne diseases and malnutrition for the affected population. Cases of poisoning from unsafe water rose before the plant's restart, prompting the National Centre for Disease...

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DesalData Weekly - October 11, 2023

Posted 11 October, 2023 by Mandy


DEWA picks preferred bidder for Hassyan seawater desalination plant. Credit: Construction Week

U.A.E. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has signed a 30-year water purchase agreement with Saudi company ACWA Power for the first phase of the Hassyan seawater desalination project using solar energy. This is part of DEWA's plan to increase its water desalination capacity from 1,854,851 m3/d to 2,763,350 m3/d by 2030, aligning with Dubai's economic expansion and the 2040 Urban Master Plan. ACWA Power was selected as the 'Preferred Bidder' for the project, which involves constructing and operating the world's largest Sea...

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DesalData Weekly - October 4, 2023

Posted 04 October, 2023 by Mandy


GivePower installs a solar-powered desalination system in Mshomoroni, Kenya. Credit: GivePower

KENYA GivePower, a US-based organization specializing in clean energy, has installed a solar-powered containerized water desalination system in Mshomoroni, a suburb of Mombasa County, Kenya. The system, operational for 20 years, has a capacity of 75 m3/d and treats both salty and brackish water, eliminating contaminants like salt, viruses, bacteria, and fluoride. The hydraulic system is powered by a small photovoltaic solar power plant on the container, with a battery-powered storage system for nighttime or bad weather. This is the fourth...

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DesalData Weekly - September 27, 2023

Posted 27 September, 2023 by Mandy


Corso desalination plant commences operations after 2 years of construction work, Algeria. Credit: AEC

ALGERIA The Corso desalination plant in the Boumerdès region of Algeria is now fully operational with a capacity of 80,000 m3/d, according to the Algerian Energy Company (AEC). The plant, situated 25 km east of Algiers, reached its full capacity six months after partial commissioning. Initially, in April 2023, it had a capacity of 40,000 m3/d. The Corso desalination plant was constructed by AEC, Société Algérienne de Génie Civil et Bâtiment (GCB), and Cosider Canalisation, aiming to address water shortages in Corso. Algiers is also...

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DesalData Weekly - September 20, 2023

Posted 20 September, 2023 by Mandy


An artist’s impression of the Alkimos Seawater desalination plant. Credit: Perth Now

AUSTRALIA The Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel has unanimously approved the Water Corporation's $1.6 billion desalination plant in Alkimos, marking a significant step toward securing Perth's water supply. The Alkimos plant will be on Water Corp’s 218 ha site next to the Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Plant in the future Alkimos Water Precinct. The project, the first desalination facility in Perth's northern corridor, aims to address the impact of climate change on traditional water sources. Perth's dams have experienced an 83%...

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DesalData Weekly - September 13, 2023

Posted 13 September, 2023 by Mandy


The proposed desalination plant will be built at Billy Lights Point. Credit: ABC Eyre Peninsula: Henry Milic

AUSTRALIA The proposed desalination site at Billy Lights Point in Port Lincoln, South Australia, faces controversy as scientists dispute research supporting its suitability. The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) produced a report for SA Water, endorsing Billy Lights Point as the best location for a desalination plant without impacting the marine environment. Despite government support for the findings, industry pushback and community protests have raised concerns. Critics argue that SARDI's modeling is flawed,...

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DesalData Weekly - September 06, 2023

Posted 06 September, 2023 by Mandy


Trina Solar empowers Saudi Arabian desalination plant with Vertex N 700W+ Series Modules. Credit: Trina Solar

SAUDI ARABIA The 45.5-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) station at the Jubail 3A Independent Water Plant has been successfully integrated into the grid. Supplied by China's Trina Solar, the solar power plant, featuring Vertex N 700W+ series modules, was connected to the grid by contractor SEPCOIII. This solar PV station is designed to meet 20 percent of the desalination plant's daily power needs and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 60,000 tonnes annually. The Jubail 3A Independent Water Plant, with a capacity of 600,000 m3/d, is a...

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DesalData Weekly - August 30, 2023

Posted 30 August, 2023 by Mandy


The Safi desalination plant in Morocco. Credit: Pumps Africa

MOROCCO Morocco's government and OCP Group have initiated a seawater desalination project to provide Safi, El Jadida, and neighboring regions with drinkable water. The Safi desalination plant, outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding signed on July 5, has commenced operations with a goal of producing approximately 27,397 m3/d. The project, led by OCP Green Water, aims to ensure a sustainable water supply in the face of climate change. The agreement also secures an annual supply of 35 million cubic meters for industrial use by the OCP...

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DesalData Weekly - August 23, 2023

Posted 23 August, 2023 by Mandy


A desalination plant in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Credit: Abu Musaab Ahmed

SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia's National Water Company (NWC) has initiated 12 major desalination projects valued at over $1.3 billion in strategic areas such as Dammam, Al Khobar, Jubail, Al Ahsa, and Qatif. The projects include the construction of 40 water tanks with a total capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters, pumping stations, and 493 kilometers of strategic pipeline networks. The gradual implementation aims to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 water supply to residents. NWC has completed work on 11 tanks in Dammam, with eight additional tanks...

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DesalData Weekly - August 16, 2023

Posted 16 August, 2023 by Mandy


Aerial view of the Shuweihat S4 Reverse Osmosis Independent Water Project. Credit: GS Inima

U.A.E. GS Engineering & Construction subsidiary GS Inima has secured the Shuweihat S4 Reverse Osmosis Independent Water Project in the UAE, valued at approximately $772 million. This project, located about 250 km west of Abu Dhabi, involves adding a desalination facility with a daily capacity of about 320,000 cubic meters to an existing desalination plant complex. The project will follow the Build-Own-Operate (BOO) format, with GS Inima handling project financing and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). After completion,...

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DesalData Weekly - August 9, 2023

Posted 09 August, 2023 by Mandy


Components of a desalination facility. Credit: Atalayar

MOROCCO Russian company Rosatom and Moroccan firm Water and Energy Solutions have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on water desalination, conditioning, and purification projects. The agreement, signed during the second Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum, will see Rosatom's subsidiary Rusatom Smart Utilities work on the development projects in Morocco. Morocco, which has been facing drought for several years, has committed $37.6 billion over 30 years to strengthen its water supply infrastructure. (Atalayar)



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DesalData Weekly - August 2, 2023

Posted 02 August, 2023 by Mandy


Oneka Technologies' wave energy-drive desalination platform. Credit: Oneka Technologies)

U.S.A. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is investing nearly $10 million in seven projects that aim to accelerate the development and testing of marine energy technologies. These projects are part of DOE’s Water Power Technologies Office’s Powering the Blue Economy Initiative, which focuses on advancing solutions for low-cost, emission-free, and drought-resistant drinking water. Among the supported projects are ones focused on wave-powered desalination systems, including those led by Oneka Technologies, Sea Potential, Water Bros...

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DesalData Weekly - July 27, 2023

Posted 27 July, 2023 by Mandy


Construction of the Aconcagua desalination plant in Chile. Credit: IDE Technologies

CHILE Chilean fishermen have taken legal action to halt the Aconcagua Desalination Plant project on the central coast, expressing concerns that the plant's operations might pollute their working waters. The $1 billion water desalination plant near Quintero aims to supply fresh water to mining companies and local residents in the central region. The project is progressing in an area known as a "sacrifice zone," where residents face high pollution levels from decades of unchecked industrial development. Fishermen's unions fear the...

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DesalData Weekly - July 19, 2023

Posted 19 July, 2023 by Mandy


The Rabigh 4 IWP Project with a capacity of 600,000 m3/ day SWRO desalination plant. Saudi Arabia Credit: ACWA Power

SAUDI ARABIA ACWA Power, along with Haji Abdullah Alireza & Co (HAACO) and Al Moayyed Contracting Group (AMCG), has signed an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract with a consortium of Power China, SEPCOIII, and WETICO for the Rabigh 4 Independent Water Plant (IWP) project in Saudi Arabia. The Rabigh 4 IWP, with a total project cost of $677 million, will have a capacity of 600,000 m3/day and will mainly serve the Makkah and Madinah regions. ACWA Power currently operates the Rabigh 3 IWP in the same area and, with...

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DesalData Weekly - July 12, 2023

Posted 12 July, 2023 by Mandy


Work starts on the Cap Djinet and Fouka 2 desalination plants, Algeria. Credit: Algeria Energy Company

ALGERIA Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune laid foundation stones for two seawater desalination plants, Cap Djinet and Fouka 2, in Boumerdès and Tipaza, implemented by Algeria Energy Company (AEC). The plants, constructed on 16 and 7-hectare sites, will be equipped with ten seawater desalination units based on reverse osmosis principles by the national civil engineering and construction company (GCB) and the national company for major well works (GTP), supervised by AEC subsidiary Miah Cap Djinet. Cap Djinet, with a capacity of...

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