About Us

DesalData.com is a groundbreaking business development and consultancy package from the publishers of Global Water Intelligence in association with the IDA. It is revolutionising the ways in which companies work in the desalination sector, by bringing together a powerful set of analytical tools alongside an intuitive user interface.

DesalData.com contains:

  • Comprehensive plant listings, incorporating the famous IDA Inventory.
  • Desal Project Tracker keeping you abreast of all new developments in the sector.
  • Detailed market analysis and economic forecasting from Global Water Intelligence
  • Company profiles with strategic information, reference lists and info on live projects.
  • Powerful analytical capabilities allowing you to run your own queries from the database and download the data in csv or pdf formats

DesalData.com will help you:

  • Find and track new business opportunities
  • Analyse market share.
  • Monitor competitors.
  • Maximize marketing spend effectiveness.

DesalData.com - be your own consultant.

If you would like to sign up for a free demonstration, receive a quote and discuss how a subscription to DesalData.com can give your company an edge in the industry then please fill in the online form or send an email to nrumpaisum@globalwaterintel.com.

Global Water Intelligence has been producing market-leading analysis of the international water industry since 2002. The company prides itself on providing must-have information to the water industry and has forged relationships with the key players in the field. Global Water Intelligence has its headquarters in the centre of Oxford in the UK, with a worldwide network of reporters and contributors.

Contact Us

Significant improvements have been made to the underlying data in DesalData.com, as well as to the layout and tools. We have more improvements planned but would welcome your feedback. If you have ideas for future developments or would like to let us know of updates to our data, please contact us using the Contact Us link which can be found on the navigation bar throughout DesalData.com.