DesalData Weekly - May 16th, 2018

Posted 16 May, 2018 by Mandy

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The Erongo desalination plant owned by Areva. Namibia. Credit: Areva

AUSTRALIA – Hunter Water is seeking planning approval for a temporary desalination plant at Belmont as an insurance policy in case of drought. The plant would be constructed if water storage levels drop to 35 percent, and would be decommissioned if levels subsequently rose to 50 percent. The plant would be a last resort if water conservation measures, including increased recycling of waste water, relining of Black Hill Reservoir and conservation awareness campaigns, are not sufficient.[1]


NAMIBIA – The Governor of Erongo, Cleophas Mutjavikua, has revealed plans for a second desalination plant in the region. He stated that plans for the construction of a plant in Swakopmud are at an advanced stage, and that private Israeli investors are assisting in the project. The cost of the project is not yet known. A second desalination plant, owned by Areva (France), is also operational in the Erongo region.[2]


INDIA – Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced that Gujarat is may establish up to ten desalination plants along the coastline in the Saurashtra region. He also revealed that the tendering process for the $118 million desalination plant at Jodiya town of the Jamnagar district in Saurashtra region was over and that the construction work would commence soon.[3]


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Checking the solar mirrors, Marwa Fathy from the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology and Dr. Chris Sansom. Credit


SCIENCE – A research consortium including a team from Cranfield University has successfully developed a multipurpose concentrated solar power plant and desalination unit in the Egyptian desert. The team was able to generate electricity and co-generate fresh water by integrating solar technology with a desalination unit. The team used concentrated solar power mirrors, optimized to operate effectively in hot and dusty desert conditions. Funding for the $26 million project was provided by the European Union Framework 7 Programme and the City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications.[4]






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