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Agreement between the U.S., Mexico and IAEA

To study a large nuclear desalting plant, announced on opening day of the symposium, was formally signed on Thursday. Udall, AEC Chairman Glenn T. Seaborg and Asst. State Dept. Sect'y. for...

Water Desalination Report, 14-10-1965

England to match offer

England was quick to match the U.S. offer to sham desalting saavywith the rest of the world. Shortly after the Udall policy proclamations, R. S. Silver, leader of the large U.K. delegation to the...

Water Desalination Report, 14-10-1965

Bids opened on Key West 2.62 MGD plant, Westinghouse bids turnkey

Aqua-Chem is apparent low bidder and Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton second for the flash evaporator package of the Key West 2.62 MGD oil - fired desalting plant. Bids for the plant, which will be built for...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Pt. Loma operation performance

The Mulford Pt. Loma paper described operation of the plant at 200 F., where for the first 5399 hrs. of operation scale was controlled using the Hagevap mixture of sodium polyphosphates, lignin...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Seeding presentation at Russian facilities

V.B. Chernozubov leading a six-man soviet presentation on scaling control by "seeding" provided information basically in agreement with the U.S. experience above. Injection of finely ground chalk...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Spain puts out international construction call for Las Palmas dual plant

An international construction invitation for a 10,000 KW(e) 295 MGD (10,000 meters3) conventionally fueled distillation plant has been issued by Spain's Ministry of Public Works. Bidders on the...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Exhibit at the Desalting Symposium continues

Symposium delegates and visitors continued to flock to the equipment exposition, being sponsored by the Atomic Industrial Forum where nuclear power dominated manufacturer exhibits as the "logical...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

GA launch five operating reverse osmosis unit

General Atomics 1400 GPD Reverse Osmosis Unit -- operating in the Exposition hall -- utilizing the firm's new and vaunted spiral-shaped membrane impressed the many who saw it. The unit incorporates...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

65 Nations and UDALL open International Desalting Conference

Urgency of a dependable fresh water supply to a world in search of peace and prosperity and eKhortation to approximately 1500 political leaders, scientists and engineers to get on with development...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Mexico and US sponsor desal plant

Agreement between Mexico and the U.S. for a jointly-sponsored large dual desalting power plant was announced by Hornig while delivering the President's remarks. The formal agreement to begin...

Water Desalination Report, 07-10-1965

Oropesa, Castellón - Spain

Shuqaiq IWPP - Saudi Arabia

Barka II SWRO Plant - Oman

Hull,MA - U.S.A.

Sagunto - Spain

Marina Baja/El Campello/Mutxamel, Alicante - Spain

Shuwaikh RO - Kuwait

Only one bid was received for the project at the end of September from Doosan Heavy Industries. It is thought that other qualified companies declined to offer when the bid deadline, which was origi...

Laayoune - Morocco

Moncofar - Spain

Barka II SWRO Plant - Oman

King Abdullah Aziz Airport, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Shuqaiq IWPP - Saudi Arabia

Torrevieja - Spain

Moncofar - Spain

Oropesa, Castellón - Spain

Zhejiang Zhoushan and Guangdong Nanao - China

Desalination projects to serve islands in the South China see with a total capacity of 100,000 m3/d by 2010 hae been proposed. A further 100,000 m3/d capacity should be developed by 2020 in island ...

Carboneras II - Spain

Jubail Phase 3 - Saudi Arabia

The date for issue of an RFP is 4Q 2006. The first units are due to start production in 4Q 2010. The plant will use natural gas as a fuel.

Az Zour North 1 IWPP - Kuwait

The date for issuing tender documents for the project’s power element has slipped. Seven companies have prequalified: GE; Bechtel; Alstom; Fluor/Siemens/Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.; Wash...

Doheny Desalination Project, CA (phase 1) - U.S.A.

Ras Al-Khair (MSF) - Saudi Arabia

Tlemcen-Honaine - Algeria

Hadera - Israel

To date, of the six groups that purchased the RFQ documents, three have submitted proposals for prequalification. They are: IDE Technologies/Housing & Construction; GE Infrastructure Water & Proces...

El Tarf - Algeria

AEC is seeking to receive technical proposals by the end of the year and commercial offers by the second quarter of 2006.

Al Jubail - Saudi Arabia

Shuaiba North - Kuwait

A tender is expected in the latter part of the year, or in 2006, for a 500MW power station and a 50MIGD thermal desalination unit. The Shuaiba North power and desalination plant is due to be built ...

Mazarron, Murcia - Spain

Swansea, MA - U.S.A.

Carboneras II - Spain

Al Zawrah - United Arab Emirates

FEWA is understood to have placed an order for six gas turbines for the project’s power element. The desalination package will be tendered at a later date, possibly before the end of 2005. It is li...