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Desalting plants at Virgin Islands

A new 1 MGD desalting plant will be built in the Virgin Islands on St. Croix Island, but when is up to the V.I. Legislature. The Legislature has set about building up the water and power capacity...

Water Desalination Report, 23-12-1965

Desalting Technical Literature

Comes now the heftiest listing of desalting technical literature--both on pre-OSW and OSW-generated, foreign and domestic and private- and govt.-funded R&D--yet printed anywhere. In short, OSW...

Water Desalination Report, 23-12-1965

OSW publish Engineers handbook

First desalting engineers handbook also has just been published by OSW and doubtlessly will prove a boon to those engaged in design and engineering of sea water conversion facilities. The handbook...

Water Desalination Report, 23-12-1965

Labor views Soviet program, calls for greater US desalting effort

A Russian film painting a glowing picture of Soviet desalting advances triggered organized labor's call last week for a speed-up of the U.S. desalting program. The Soviet exchange film, centering...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Ionics build Port' Mansfield's desalting plant

Port Mansfield's 250,000 GPD desalting station - built by Ionics- was dedicated on Sunday in ceremonies marking first phase completion of the Gulf of Mexico's newest port. On the Laguna Madre...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Fuel development under AEC's HWOCR program

Impressive fuel development strides are already being tallied under AEC's Heavy Water Organic Cooled Reactor (HWOCR) program, the young (only 10-mos. old) but ambitious effort to develop the best...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

FY-67 budget

AEC has recommended a total desalting spending of $220,5 million through 1975, Out of that amount about $178 million would be for HWOCR research development and for construction assistance on two...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Single Management

Earlier this year the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy fired heavy criticism at the HWOCR program. JCAE claimed it was doubtful whether, under two separate contracts and diffused project management...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Would U.S. have the first largest desalting station?

Whether or no the U.S. will have the world's first large desalting station is rapidly coming to a head, and the issue now is being mulled-over in a three-part dialogue between the Metropolitan...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Seed-blanket nuclear power station under construction

Construction of the seed-blanket nuclear power station, also to furnish power for the State Water Project's desalting development programs, received the strongest affirmation by William E. Warne,...

Water Desalination Report, 16-12-1965

Toukley Desalination Plant (formerly NSW Wyong) - Australia

A contract for an Environmental Impact Assessment and feasibility study has been awarded to Sinclair Knight Merz.

Durrat Al Bahrain - Saudi Arabia

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

The project has been developed by Poseidon Resources on an unsolicited basis. The EIR was scheduled for public review in late February/early March but this only happened in April and the new review...

Tugun (Gold Coast) - Australia

Sydney Desalination Plant (Kurnell) - Australia

Shuaiba North - Kuwait

Sydney Desalination Plant (Kurnell) - Australia

Campo Dalías - Spain

Sur IWP - Oman

Bank Muscat is MNE’s financial adviser. The client is expected to invite bids under a separate tender for the legal work. A decision will then be made on whether to retain existing consultant Parso...

Al Hidd 3 - Bahrain

Details of the prequalified companies are still to be released. However, it is rumoured that there are five groups on the shortlist. They are: Fisia Italimpianti, Hitachi Zosen, Doosan Heavy Indust...

Aguilas Guadalentin - Spain

The deadline for bids was 21 January and they were to be opened on 1 February. The decision on the winning bid will be made in mid-February, while the timeframe for completion of the project propos...

Al Fujairah 1 (MSF) - United Arab Emirates

UWEC has appointed Innogy and Water Consultants International to undertake a review of the Phase 1 plant system following a series of blackouts in the second half of 2004 (see GWI, January 2005, p1...

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

Bajo Almanzora - Spain

Tordera, Phase II - Spain

Layyah 13 - United Arab Emirates

A project to install 8MIGD (36,000m3/d) of new capacity at the 35MIGD (160,000m3/d) Layyah site has been delayed. The project was to have been financed by Sheikh Zayed’s private department. An offe...

Cambria Long-Term Water Supply Project - U.S.A.

Carollo Engineers has been awarded the contract to update a 1990’s design produced by the Army Corps of Engineers. Permitting and design is expected to take two years. Plant size, site and prospect...

Ashdod - Israel

Campo Dalías - Spain

Rabigh - Saudi Arabia

A venture of Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Company (SSEM) and Metito is the overall low bidder for Rabigh and five other plants on the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast (Qunfuthah, Ummluj, Al Waj...

Hadera - Israel

This is the largest BOOT desalination plant in the pipeline in Israel. The international tender was published in January 2005, as the project has been finally approved by the Ministry of Finance, a...

Toukley Desalination Plant (formerly NSW Wyong) - Australia

Jebel Ali M Station - United Arab Emirates

Beni Saf - Algeria

The Geida consortium and AEC have formed a special purpose company, known as the Beni Saf Water Company to implement the project. The next step is to select the project company advisors. The projec...

Toukley Desalination Plant (formerly NSW Wyong) - Australia

Javea, Alicante - Spain

Bidding supposed to start in 2005

Chennai - Minjur - India

El Prat del Llobregat - Spain

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

Chennai - Minjur - India