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Senate committee okays administration desalting program

The President's expanded desalting requests got off to a running start this week on Capitol Hill. The Senate Interior Committee voted for the $200 million, 5- yr. program without amendments to the...

Water Desalination Report, 17-06-1965

Construction Invitation

At the hearings Di Luzio assured the Subcommittee he was perfectly willing to go either authorization route, to 1. submit a new authorization request for the replacement plant, or 2. to build it...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

Congressional hearing on Pt. Loma replacement plant ends in slatemate

Closed-door hearings by the House Interior Reclamation and Irrigation Subcommittee failed to provide solutions last week for the delicate questions beleaguering construction of the replacement...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

10-day tour completed by Italian technicians

Italy's touring group of Desalting technicians have completed a 10-day visit of U.S. installations and returned home. While here the 3-man team held talks with OSW and AEC on possible bilateral...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

"Fresh water from sea" conference held in Milan

2nd desalting conference, with the theme "Fresh water from the sea," of the European Federation of chemical engineering is being held in Milan this week. A.A. Delyannis of Greece, President of the...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

River desalting plant as solution for water problems

A potomac river desalting plant "makes sense," says Interior Secretary Udall at a recent press conference. He said the Washington, D.C. region has water problems, that no pilot project has been...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

Date set on the House-Senate conference

A House-Senate conference on Interior Dept.'s appropriations for fiscal 1966 has been set for next Monday, after the full Senate had voted on the money bill which includes OSW FY-66 funds. The...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

OSW's Division Chief resigns

Resignation of OSW's Membrane Div Chief, George Mangan, Now contributes to some basic question marks shading OSW's ambitious development program for membrane processes proposed for the next seven...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

Haden's suggestion

Two fundamental proposals on how to move the membrane processes issued from Ionics, builder of 90 per cent of the world's electrodialysis plants, during the recent Congressional hearings on the...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

Nine plants

In all, the development timetable for electrodialysis setforth in the OSW program calls for building 6 pilot plants and three larger test bed plants. The President's report published last Fall on...

Water Desalination Report, 10-06-1965

Hassyan SWRO - United Arab Emirates

The client is anticipating the signing of a water purchase agreement in early October 2020, with financial close earmarked for the end of January 2021.

Post Falls Water Reclamation Facility, ID upgrade - U.S.A.

Construction bids are now due in on 28 May 2020, after the deadline was pushed out by two weeks.

Doheny Desalination Project, CA (phase 1) - U.S.A.

The tentative permitting schedule has been pushed back, and it is now envisaged that an application to the California Coastal Commission will be made in June 2020, ahead of expected approval in Jan...

Doheny Desalination Project, CA (phase 2) - U.S.A.

The tentative permitting schedule has been pushed back, and it is now envisaged that an application to the California Coastal Commission will be made in June 2020, ahead of expected approval in Jan...

Neom desalination plant - Saudi Arabia

The client is currently carrying out preparatory work, with the aim of releasing an RFP in January 2021.

Pure Water Monterey Expansion, CA - U.S.A.

At its meeting on 14 May 2020, M1Water's Recycled Water Committee is due to discuss its options with regard to the proposed expansion, following the receipt of a letter dated 1st May 2020 from the ...

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

At a special meeting on 15 May 2020, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board is due to hold a workshop to further discuss the renewal of the project's NPDES permit. A final decision coul...

Pure Water Project Las Virgenes-Triunfo - U.S.A.

An RFP has been issued seeking an owner's advisor/programme manager for the full-scale project. Proposals are due in on 25 June 2020. One of the programme manager's tasks will be to help develop RF...

Kutch (FOKIA) - India

eThekwini desalination plant - South Africa

The municipality wants the pilot facility to run for a year, in order to gather information on its performance and gain confidence in the technology. Hitachi started demonstration operations at the...

Jorf Lasfar extension - Morocco

OCP is examining the possibility that JESA will build the 41,000m3/d extension of the plant. Works are expected to start later in 2020, and will take 24 months to complete. OCP has decided that it ...

Hassyan SWRO - United Arab Emirates

Instead of announcing a preferred bidder by the expected 30 April date, the client has instead opted to retender the project. Bids are due on 3rd August 2020. All nine prequalified teams will be in...

Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project, CA - U.S.A.

The supply contract for the reverse osmosis system, which had been awarded to H2O Innovation, was terminated at the end of April 2020, although no termination notice is understood to have been serv...

Tuticorin - India

The bid submissions deadline has been pushed back, and now falls on 21 May 2020.

Morro Bay WWTP, CA - U.S.A.

H2O Innovation has won the contract to supply the RO system.

Fortaleza SWRO - Brazil

CAGECE has launched an 'Edital', and proposals are due in on 1st September 2020

Safi SWRO - Morocco

The desalination plant will supply the existing fertiliser plant at Safi. OCP wants to have the plant online by 2025-2026. The company is currently running studies to determine the location of the ...

Bahía de Palma - Spain

The Balearics regional government has approved the lifting of the suspension on the tendering of this contract because of the need to ensure the continued functioning of the plant. Economic proposa...

Vadinar Refinery SWRO - India

The bid submissions deadline has been extended yet again, and now falls on 2nd May 2020.

Jubail 3a IWP - Saudi Arabia

A water purchase agreement was signed with the ACWA Power/GIC/Al Bawani team on 30 April 2020. A team comprising Abengoa and Sepco III has been selected to undertake the EPC work.

Doheny Desalination Project, CA (phase 1) - U.S.A.

Clean Energy Capital is now scheduled to deliver its water production cost analysis in mid-May 2020, which will present a financial model that estimates cost ranges for the water to be produced at ...

San Dieguito/San Elijo BWRO, CA - U.S.A.

As of May 2020, the client is five months into the one-year pump test at the pilot well, and so far the results have been as expected. If the results remain positive once the test is completed, the...

Pure Water Project Las Virgenes-Triunfo - U.S.A.

A JPA workshop could be held in June or July 2020 to discuss the Pure Water Project, the delivery method, the RFP for an owner’s advisor/programme manager, and the environmental review process, amo...

Pure Water Project Demo - U.S.A.

The Pure Water demonstration project is expected to have a "soft opening" in June 2020, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned for 11 September 2020. The plant is being built by Pacific Hydrotech.

Facility E IWPP - Qatar

Following delays to the timeline imposed by the impact of COVID-19, the official deadline for bid submissions is now understood to be 17 August 2020.

Corpus Christi SWRO, TX 2 - U.S.A.

In April 2020, City Council approved the submission of a $222.4 million funding application to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to design and build a 20MGD (75,700m3/d) SWRO facility (expan...

Pure Water Monterey Expansion, CA - U.S.A.

At its meeting on 27 April 2020, the Monterey One Water board is expected to certify the draft supplemental environmental impact report relating to the proposed plant expansion. Immediately thereaf...

Oceanside,CA - U.S.A.

Proposals are due on 15 May 2020 in response to the RFP for the design of a brine minimisation step at the City of Oceanside's existing 6.37MGD (24,110m³/d) reverse osmosis plant, the Mission Basin...

Hassyan SWRO - United Arab Emirates

GWI understands that the client is still planning to select a preferred bidder on its chosen date of 30 April.

Chennai 4 (Perur) - India

Sources have indicated that a request for qualifications could be issued to selected bidders in May 2020. As yet GWI is not aware of plans for an advertisement for expressions of interest.