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Spain awards Las Palmas jobs to Dutch Co. studying new nuclear - fired project

A definitive contract is to be signed with Werkspoor by the Spanish Govt, in April for turnkey construction of the Las Palmas 20,000 KWE: 5 MGD power desalting plant. Ten international bids...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Two dual plants

This situation report on the Las Palmas project was given WATER DESALINATION REPORT exclusively in an interview in Madrid with Jorge Suarez of Spain's 0SW, the Centro de Estudios Hidrograficos, a...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

New project

A 1,200 MWE 130 MGD nuclear desalting combination plant has also been ushered forth into the world list of large desalting construction project possibilities by Spain. A mixed group of seven...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967


Results of a similar study on feasibility of hooking a 25 MGD desalting plant to existing steam supply sources is to be completed by Gibbs and Hill and handed to the Centro next week. Escombreras...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Existing plant

The 630,000 GPD 1500 KWE dual flash plant built by Burns and Roe at Lanzarote in the Canaries is operating smoothly and has been since commissioned in April, 1965. Some difficulties are being...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Foster Wheeler grabs construction contract

Foster Wheeler's low bid became official this week and OSW awarded the firm a $3,616,000 construction contract for the 17 MGD flash test module. The Livingston, N.J. co.'s contract figure...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Atomic reservation

N.Y. Atomic and Space Development Authority will establish "Atomic Reservation" for siting future large-scale nuclear power-desalination facilities. Legislative authorization to set up the nuclear...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Transmission facility

Concurrently, the Calif. Dept. of Water Resources has put out the call to industry for construction of the water conveyance system from the San Diego testing station to the municipal water mains.


Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Flour's desalting management

Fluor's no.1 desalting management spot has been assumed by Glenn B. Scott, who also doubles as western area sales mgr. for the versatile Calif, engineering design- construction co. Scott replaces...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

High earnings

Fluor has also recently stated earnings for its fiscal yr. ending Oct. 31, 1966: a total of $7.9 million was racked-up in income, equivalent to $3.80 a share on 2,077,666 shares of outstanding...

Water Desalination Report, 09-03-1967

Marina Alta/Calpe, Alicante - Spain

The deadline for bids was 21 January and they were to be opened on 1 February. The decision on the winning bid will be made in mid-February, while the time frame for completion of the project propo...

Hadera - Israel

Qunfudhah - Saudi Arabia

A venture of Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Company (SSEM) and Metito is the overall low bidder for Qunfuthah and five other plants on the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast (Rabigh, Ummluj, Al Waj...

Toukley Desalination Plant (formerly NSW Wyong) - Australia

Jebel Ali L2 - United Arab Emirates

The project has attracted bids from six contractors, which have submitted offers for the project’s power element, desalination element, or both. The bidders are: Weir Westgarth, Hyundai Engineering...

Shandong Weihai Huaneng - China

Construction due to start shortly.

Campo Dalías - Spain

Tordera, Phase II - Spain

Shoaiba 3 - Saudi Arabia

Three consortia are expected to submit bids for the project by the 5 March deadline. They are: a consortium of International Power, Saudi Oger, Xenel, Mitsui & Co., and Sumitomo Corporation; a pair...

Tripoli - Libya

Gecol reports that the project is now “under contracting”. The preferred bidder is thought to be Sidem.

Hadera - Israel

Wajh 4 - Saudi Arabia

A venture of Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Company (SSEM) and Metito is the overall low bidder for Al Wajh and five other plants on the Kingdom s Red Sea coast (Rabigh, Ummluj, Alleeth,...

El Prat del Llobregat - Spain

Al Jubail - Saudi Arabia

Az Zour North 1 IWPP - Kuwait

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

The project has been developed by Poseidon Resources on an unsolicited basis. The city council sent back the EIR for further clarifications in December. A new EIR draft was prepared and is under de...

Shuqaiq IWPP - Saudi Arabia

Taweelah RO - United Arab Emirates

The developer consortium is understood to be in negotiations with its EPC contractor about how to improve plant design. This follows a ‘suggestion’ from the client that it incorporate technology no...

Shuqaiq IWPP - Saudi Arabia

Az Zour North 1 IWPP - Kuwait

Freeport SWRO, TX - U.S.A.

The proposed location is the Dow Chemical Complex, Freeport. Consulting engineers Camp, Dresser & McKee (CDM) completed a feasibility study financed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). TWD...

Beckton Desalination Plant - U.K.

Moss Landing/Kaiser Refractory site, CA - U.S.A.

Pajaro/Sunny Mesa CSD has secured a site at the Kaiser [National] Refractory site with the support of property developer Nader Agha for a desalination plant of unknown capacity. It has appointed Ke...

Sand City - U.S.A.

Umm Luji - Saudi Arabia

A venture of Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Company (SSEM) and Metito is the overall low bidder for Ummluj and five other plants on the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast (Qunfuthah, Rabigh, Al Waj...

Sand City - U.S.A.

Abutaraba - Libya

Gecol reports that the Abutaraba plant is now under construction. The contractor is France’s Sidem.

Az Zour North 1 IWPP - Kuwait

Campo Dalías - Spain

Menorca - Ciutadella - Spain

The contract has been awarded to a consortium of Pridesa and Talo Pons. Project presented in the autumn. The environment ministry in Madrid says funds are not available to finance this project. The...