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AEC eyes desalting and flights for life

The changing times are combining against AEC, in a manner demanding the once high-flying super-agency and its billionaire budget to change and give a bit with them. The pressuring and shoving...

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

The Complaint

Rep. John Saylor (R-Pa.) trains the biggest demand against AEC, that it in effect close its doors. At least, closing-the-door kinds of reasons are educed by Saylor as grounds for a resolution he...

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

Aiken Hot

More heat has been applied by Sen. George Aiken (R-Vt.), himself a JCAE member. AEC's licensing and safety regulatory processes are more than just a pet peeve to Aiken. Basically, his complaint is...

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

Other voices

Neither is the pressure against AEC's continuing in its old ways and habits of doing business restricted to Washington circles. Articles now begin to show in the domestic and international press,...

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

The Solution

AEC eyes desalting as the means for filling the niche to be left by old programs as they fade or are stripped away. Those charged with charting new AEC courses hold visions of Cooperative Power...

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

Desalting cost reduction

Is there still room for significant reduction of desalting cost via more economic ways of treating alkaline scale in future plants? The question gets a resoundingly affirmative answer by Edgar A....

Water Desalination Report, 23-11-1967

Struthers Scientific and International new President

Struthers Scientific & International has elected George E. Reedy as its Pres. and Theodore Feit as Exec. Vice-Pres. Reedy replaces John W. Pike, elected Vice Chmn. of the co.'s Board of...

Water Desalination Report, 16-11-1967

OSW Contract

Meanwhile, Struthers Scientific has been awarded a $75,416 contract by OSW to continue work on the secondary refrigerant freezing process. The 6-mos. contract entails design of 1 and 5 MGD plants...

Water Desalination Report, 16-11-1967

Great expectation on LMC pre-treatment process

Great things are expected from LMC pre-treatment process by its discoverer W.R. Grace, The co. now hails LMC's opening the way to scale-free higher operating temperature for distillation plants as...

Water Desalination Report, 16-11-1967

LMC process

LMC is a version of the more standard lime soda water softening process. But in LMC, magnesium carbonate trihydrate is substituted for the soda. The LMC process removes 70 per cent of the calcium...

Water Desalination Report, 16-11-1967

Ashdod - Israel

There is still no government go-ahead for the project. Water Commission sources say that a permit will need to wait until Mekorot is privatised, and specifically until its proposed Initiative and B...

Djerba - Tunisia

Carlsbad Desalination Plant - U.S.A.

Fouka - Algeria

SE Queensland - Possibly Caboolture - Australia

The South East Queensland Regional Plan has recently outlined desalination as a main option as a new source of water supply. Identification of future sites for desalination is proposed.

Fouka - Algeria

Hull,MA - U.S.A.

Hull is undertaking a feasibility study for a desalination plant. The proposal would involve buying or leasing the distribution network for its current supplier, Aquarion.

West Basin, CA - U.S.A.

Pilot plant in operation for 2-1/2 years at El Segundo Power Plant. 1/2 MGD demonstration plant in planning phase. Full-scale plant could be on-line by 2010.

Marina Baja/El Campello/Mutxamel, Alicante - Spain

Rosarito Beach (SDCWA) - Mexico

A bi-national feasibility study was completed in April 2005 to evaluate a desalination plant that could serve both sides of the US/Mexico border. The project is not currently included in the SDCWA ...

Moncofar - Spain

Magtaa - Algeria

Skikda - Algeria

The Geida consortium signed a financing agreement for the project with Banque Nationale d’Algerie at the end of July. Construction is due to commence following the first draw down of the funds whic...

Campo Dalías - Spain

Tenes - Algeria

Javea, Alicante - Spain

Layyah Power Plant - United Arab Emirates

The Dubai office of CH2M Hill has received letters of intent for the Layyah and Khor Fakkan SWRO projects. Although it is yet to finalise a contract, work is proceeding based on the letters of inte...

Tlemcen-Honaine - Algeria

Arzew IWPP - Algeria

It now seems that Globeleq will not purchase a stake in the project. However, it is not clear whether other private developers will step in to invest in the IWPP. One possible outcome is that the A...

Oropesa, Castellón - Spain

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Beni Saf - Algeria

The Geida consortium (comprising Cobra-Tedagua, Befesa, Codesa and Sadyt) signed a financing agreement with Banque Extérieure d’Algerie (BEA) in September. BEA is providing a $118 million loan alth...

Brockton - U.S.A.

Aquaria Water LLC, a joint venture between Inima and Bluestone Energy has began construction on a brackish/seawater desalination project on the Taunton river. The plant is scheduled to be operation...

Shuaiba North - Kuwait

Tan Tan SWRO - Morocco

Fouka - Algeria

Shoaiba 3 - Saudi Arabia

Project agreements, including the PWPA, share sale and purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreement, and land lease agreement, were initialled at the end of October. A formal signing ceremony, whic...

Cap Djinet - Algeria

Tianjin Dagang - China

Construction started 27 October after Hyflux formed a joint venture with Ramatex Bhd to finance Hyflux projects in China (see story p19)

El Hamma - Algeria

The project reached financial close in June. Developers GE and AEC are working through the conditions precedent (CPs) and finalising outstanding documents. Once the CPs have been completed, first d...