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Desalting plant costs to feel copper price hikes

With heat transfer surfaces accounting for 30 per cent of desalting plant costs, and with the surfaces predominantly constituted of copper metal, increases in copper prices by the three major...

Water Desalination Report, 12-01-1967

Library budget

Funds to give the OWRR Science Information Center a start about $1 million, are included in OWRR's upcoming fiscal 1968 budget.

Water Desalination Report, 12-01-1967

OWRR seeks research proposal

OWRR is asking for research proposal to be carried out under title II of the Water Resources Research Act. Title II amendments to the Act for the first time opens up funds to industry to carry on...

Water Desalination Report, 12-01-1967

Banner desalting business year outlook for 1967

Five hundred fifty (550) MGD, or better! This could be the amount of world desalting construction starts in 1967. At that, the new year will far and away outdistance the year just ended in terms of...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

Future trillions

The coming year's new capacity will be added to the some 120 MGD of existing desalting plant, according to OSW's late estimates. An idea of how fast the field is increasing may be had by comparing...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

Module construction

For the coming year, OSW construction projects and base research-development programs from an expected $39 million fiscal 1968 budget will provide principal input and impetus for the desalting...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

Liquidated damages

Severe penalties are Included in the module contract terms -- too strict for a developmental project, some argue. The damages would be $1500 per day beyond the 365 day period that the award winning...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

Texas possibilities

Also supported by OSW, another ingredient in the mix which could considerably widen desalting business horizons in 1967 is a just completed study by Southwest Research Institute. The SRI study, an...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

International projects

Three out of four multimlllion gal. plants, which by hardening of their construction plans in 1967 would each double current existing capacity, are overseas projects (see table p. 3). Not in the...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

ED over Flash

ED processes were found to be cheaper than flash distillation plants for each of the 11 cities, according to SRI, generally because feed water in each case is less than 5000 ppm TDS. Salt reduction...

Water Desalination Report, 05-01-1967

Jebel Ali M Station - United Arab Emirates

El Prat del Llobregat - Spain

The plant is due to enter service by 2007/8.

Sydney Desalination Plant (Kurnell) - Australia

Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Company Water Treatment Project - China

Two developers, Beida Jade Bird New Energy Scientific Co and China National Nuclear Corporation, have proposed this nuclear desalination plant as a joint venture with the Dalian municipality, and i...

Az Zour North 1 IWPP - Kuwait

Prequalification applications for the project’s power element have been received from 10 companies and consortia including: GE, Bechtel, Alstom, Fluor/Siemens, Mitsui & Co./Toshiba, Doosan Heavy In...

Sohar - Oman

The Sohar Aluminium Company is intending to build a new 700MW gas-fired power station. An associated desalination facility would provide water for boiler make up, and some process water.

Alcudia - Spain

The contract has been awarded to consortium Depuraciûn y Tratamientos and Sacyr, and the formal project was presented in the autumn. Following the change of government in Madrid, the status of this...

Tordera, Phase II - Spain

Bajo Almanzora - Spain

Mostaganem - Algeria

Five bidding groups (Ionics, Geida, an Inimaconsortium including FCC Aqualia, Hyflux, and a team of Barna Investment and Lemna International) submitted offers,but not all submitted bid bonds, so no...

Beckton Desalination Plant - U.K.

Subiya 3 - Kuwait

Doosan Heavy Industries is the low bidder for the project with a price of $252m (see GWI, January 2005, p15). The other bidders are Hyundai Heavy Industries and Fisia Italimpianti. A contract for t...

Camp Pendleton SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

SDCWA pre-feasibility study funds released. San Onofre is seen as a long-term water project; no fatal flaws are expected in operating a desalination plant here. San Diego and Orange County will sha...

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

Hadera - Israel

Al Zawrah - United Arab Emirates

The project is in the design phase and a contract for the power plant will be awarded in the next three months. The desalination package will be out to tender later in 2005. It is likely to be brok...

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Brownsville, TX - U.S.A.

Al Hidd 3 - Bahrain

A list of prequalified companies has yet to be made public. Contractors have made their submissions to project consultant Black & Veatch which has passed on a list of companies to MEW. The client h...

Aguilas Guadalentin - Spain

Bidding to start in 2005. This plant is part of the first wave of the new government’s AGUA programme which includes the construction of around 20 desalination plants along the Mediterranean coast.

Ras Abu Fontas B2 - Qatar

Mott MacDonald completed its initial study work for QEWC and submitted a report to the client in mid-June. There has been limited discussion of the report to date although the client has requested ...

Al Fujairah 1 (MSF) - United Arab Emirates

UWEC is undertaking an exercise with the governments of Abu Dhabi and Fujairah to determine the Phase 2 power output. The intention is to kick off the IWPP process once this is resolved. UWEC is wo...

Carlsbad Desalination Plant - U.S.A.

Carlsbad City Council signed a 30-year desalinated water supply agreement with Poseidon Resources for 25 MGD on October 18. There are two further obstacles before the project can move ahead: the ac...

Freeport SWRO, TX - U.S.A.

Proposed location: Dow Chemical complex, Freeport. Consulting engineers CDM (Camp Dresser McKee) working on feasibility study financed by Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Examining subsidy le...

Huntington Beach SWRO, CA - U.S.A.

Jijel - Algeria