DesalData Weekly - March 29th, 2017

Posted 29 March, 2017 by Mandy

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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico  Credit:

AFTER THE UNITED STATES’ presidential election, Consolidated Water’s proposed mega-project in Baja California faces an uncertain future.[1]  Last week, the company issued its annual performance report, which cited the decline of the exchange rate for the Mexican peso relative to the dollar, and the deterioration of “general macroeconomic conditions in Mexico.”[2]  Aguas de Rosarito, the company which was set up to deliver this project, has proposed to the Baja California State Water Commission (CEA) to increase the water tariff that was cited in the original private-public partnership contract, in order to account for these new circumstances.  As of now, current exchange rates indicate the total project cost will be approximately $463 million (USD).


CUBA will soon install portable Russian desalination plants to mitigate the effects of drought.[3] A Russian investment consultancy, Cubacon, will supply the plants from Aqua Life Ltd to coastal towns, agricultural communities, as well as hotels and other facilities. Each plant will process up to 30 cubic metres of water per day.[4]


GS INIMA AND VEOLIA MIDDLE EAST are among six companies to be shortlisted for a desalination plant project in Oman.  The facility will be located in Khasab, and produce 16,000 cubic metres of water per day. It will be the first plant in the country to be delivered by the private sector.[5]


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Credit: Liz Hobday/ ABC News


AFTER FOUR YEARS of inactivity, Victoria’s Desalination Plant has finally begun delivering water.  The water began flowing into the Cardinia Reservoir this past weekend. Water Minister Lisa Neville said that newfound efficiencies would offset the original cost of the order, as established in the plant operator’s water contract.[6]


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IN EASTERN PORT SAID, EGYPT, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development will provide an additional $61 million (USD) for a desalination plant. The facility will produce 150,000 cubic metres of water per day.[7]  By 2019, the Egyptian government plants to complete the construction of the facility, which will serve municipal and industrial customers.



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