DesalData Weekly - February 17th, 2017

Posted 17 February, 2017 by Mandy

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AS PART of a $183 million-dollar deal, Hyflux will deliver three seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants to Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC).[1]  The company’s Saudi subsidiary has signed a memorandum of understanding with SWCC “to design, build, supply, test, and commission” three plants along the shores of the Red Sea.[2] Each plant will have a capacity of 16,000 cubic metres of water per day.


Singapore’s Public Utilities Board has shortlisted four companies to develop the nation’s fifth desalination facility.[3]  The companies include three of the country’s own corporations: Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd, and Tuas Power Ltd; as well as the Malaysian firm, YTL Power International Berhad. Each of these companies met a key requirement—namely, each has existing energy infrastructure on Jurong Island, which will become attached to the proposed facility.[4] The successful energy firm will become responsible for delivering a design-build-own-operate arrangement by 2020; and it will enter a 25-year water purchase agreement to supply desalinated water to PUB.[5]


IN CALIFORNIA, this week, the American Membrane Technology Association and the American Water Works Association distributed awards at the Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition.[6]  The Claude Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant in California was presented with this year’s Membrane Facility of the Year Award.  The award identified the plant as the “nation’s largest, most technologically advanced and energy-efficient seawater desalination plant.”[7]


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OMAN’S Power and Procurement Company has received 13 statements of qualification from interested providers for a planned desalination facility located in Khasab.  The companies include seven consortia: Abengoa, ACWA Emirates, House of Trading and Services, Metito, Romman Premium Enterprise, SETE Energy, Seven Seas; and six companies: Veolia Middle East, Al Fanar Energy, GS Inima, Osmoflo, and Tedagua.[8]


MODERN Water has secured the first sale of its membrane technology with a textile dyes company in India.[9] In December 2016, the company completed a pilot test for its proprietary All-Membrane Brine Concentration technology. The project—completed in partnership with Advent Envirocare Technology—reportedly achieves a level of brine concentration that reduces the wastewater volume for subsequent brine crystallizer treatment. This, in turn, may reduce capital expenditure and operating costs. Modern Water now has plans to implement the technology in a new facility that will be completed in mid-2017.




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