Desal Data Weekly - June 14th, 2017

Posted 14 June, 2017 by Mandy

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Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, is one of the two major port cities of Caerá state  Credit:

BAHAMAS – GE Water and Process Technologies is building a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant in the Caribbean Island of Eleuthera.[1] The company has entered into a 15-year build, own, operate agreement with Water and Sewerage Corporation Bahamas. The plant, which is GE’s fourth facility in the Bahamas, will produce 2,728 cubic metres of water per day.  It is expected to go online in the first quarter of 2018.[2]


BRAZIL – Suez has signed a memorandum of understanding with Compendia de Agua e Esgoto do Caerá, the water utility of Caerá state in northeastern Brazil.[3]  The agreement was supported by the Federation of Industries of Caerá, which has endorsed public-private partnerships for industrial water reuse projects in the region.  Suez has already partnered with Caerá state to provide water to the industrial complex and port at Pecem.[4]


CYPRUS – Since May 30 workers at the Episkopi desalination plant in Limassol have been on strike in protest of their labor conditions.[5]  Their employer, Limassol Water Co Ltd, has refused to provide benefits in accordance with an agreement it entered into last year—after an initial strike and mediation process that involved the labour ministry.  Although Limassol reportedly agreed to grant its employees a collective agreement to safeguard their rights, the company has since reneged on the offer.  The workers began their strike on May 30 and remain determined to find a swift resolution.[6]


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USA – Commissioners have delayed construction of a $30 million desalination plant in Brunswick County, North Carolina.[7] Although contracts and an environmental permit have already been awarded for the project, county residents signed a petition requesting work on the plant to be delayed until the November 2017 board elections of Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer.  Two commissioners who were elected on a platform of opposition to the project supported the resolution to temporarily cease construction. It is likely that the project will be terminated if one of the three board members who supports the desalination project loses a seat in the elections.[8]


TestAmerica Laboratories has acquired the assets of an environmental testing laboratory belonging to CH2M Hill Applied Sciences Laboratory.[9]  Located in Corvallis, Oregon, the laboratory is a 6-kilometre facility that assesses trace, medium, and high-level environmental contaminants.  Its testing capacity includes metals analysis and an assortment of studies for water and air toxicity.  ASL laboratory staff will continue their work in this capacity as part of the TestAmerica network.





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