Desal Data Weekly - June 2nd, 2017

Posted 02 June, 2017 by Mandy

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Cape Town’s Keoberg Nuclear Power Plant  Credit:

CAPE TOWN – As drought in the water-scarce region deepens, the city’s nuclear power plant, Koeberg, is looking to desalination.[1]  Koeberg is dependent on Cape Town’s water supply and uses roughly 1,300 cubic metres of freshwater per day in order to function. The facility’s station manager, Velaphi Ntuli, has said that the safeguarding of Cape Town’s power supply necessitates an alternative water source.  This water, Ntuli has said, would come from the groundwater located near the power station.  Ntuli is hopeful that, eventually, seawater desalination will also become a part of the city’s water supply mix.[2]


MANGALURU – Although situated on the Arabian Sea, at the estuaries of the  Netravathi and Gurupur Rivers, Mangaluru is facing an acute water crisis.  The state government has decided to develop a desalination plant for the port city, in an attempt to ameliorate the water scarcity.[3]  This past Wednesday the urban development minister Roshan Baig revealed that the 200,000 m3/d facility is expected to be procured through privately financed means.


SANTA BARBARA – This past Tuesday, Santa Barbara residents received their first taste of desalinated water from the Pacific.[4]  After its initial testing and start-up phase is complete, the revamped Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant will produce 11,356 cubic metres of water per day (3 million gallons)—providing Santa Barbara with 30 percent of its needs.


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Santa Barbara’s Desalination Facility   Credit: City of Santa Barbara via


The facility is capable of doubling the planned 3,854,625 cubic metres per year capacity. Such an expansion is likely if communities such as Montecito decide to purchase water from the facility.  In mid-May, negotiations between Santa Barbara and the Montecito Water District stalled after the latter expressed concerns over costs.  Kelley Dyer, Santa Barbara’s water supply manager, has said that a potential agreement nevertheless remains possible.[5]



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